Friends of Mount Adams

Cougar Creek Fire Forum

December 11, 2015

Friends of Mount Adams (FOMA) is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, originally founded in the 1970’s as “Friends of Pah-to”. We focus on the enormous, 230-square-mile mountain located in south-central Washington state, which lies mostly on Gifford Pinchot National Forest and Yakama Nation lands.

FOMA is managed by a board of directors, and informal membership is open to all who share an interest in protecting and celebrating Mount Adams. At this time there are no membership fees; however, we do accept donations.  We are extremely grateful for the following generous individuals who have donated cash from 2013 to the present, enabling FOMA to be a credible and effective organization:

2013: Linda Oram, Don Lichtenwald, Tom and Sandi Rousseau, Ken and Linda Maddox, and Ray Moulton.

2014: Leslie Labbe, Loretta Sharpe, Mt. Adams Ranger District (U.S.Forest Service), Bill Weiler, Don & Judy Thomas, M.A. Leonard, David Berger & Julie Larson, and Julie Marr.

2015: Ken Maddox, M.A. Leonard, Julie Larson & David Berger, Marsha & Kirk Vogel, Todd & Krissy Biernacki, Hugh & Linda McMahan, Tom & Sandi Rousseau.  In Memory of Henry Clay (“HC”) Tupper:  Marilyn Turner, Janice Morgan, Janis Beeson & Lee Norwitz, and Edward Bondurant (incl. a matching gift from his employer, Bank of America/Merrill-Lynch).

2016:   Kathleen Keller-Jones and Barry Jones, Daniel Anderson and Joy Strand, F. Nolan and Debra Jones, Keith Gunnar, Michael Mills, Leslie Labbe, Tina Castanares (first sustaining donor!), Becki and Pat Rawson, Kelly and Marilyn Enochs (Kelly’s B&B). 

Please contact us to find out how you or your business/organization can contribute to FOMA and receive end-of-year reports, budgets, board meeting minutes, etc.


Purpose, Vision & What We Do

The organization’s mission is to understand, protect, and celebrate Mount Adams and its surrounding ecosystems through education, research, stewardship, advocacy, and public events.  We strive to assist the land managers in preserving the quality of recreational experiences for all user groups, including preventing user conflict and damage.  We work closely with the Forest Service and Yakama Nation, monitoring the mountain’s resource conditions and volunteering occasionally for stewardship projects.  FOMA  members are involved with projects of the Mt. Adams District Collaborative Group, Cascade Carnivores Project, the Gifford Pinchot Task Force, the Friends of White Salmon River, and other groups.  We take legal action when required.  Please check our Issues section for the latest developments with the Mt. Adams Grazing Allotment.


Annual Hiking Day

We share our love of Mt. Adams by sponsoring an annual “Hiking Day” during the  summer. The hikes are free and open to the  public. View or download a detailed description of the hikes on our Facebook site:  https://www.facebook.com/Friends-of-Mount-Adams-222845041110341/

One-day conferences (2011 – 2014)

Since 2011, we’ve sponsored occasional one-day, science-based Mount Adams conferences, which are always open to the general public Invited speakers address topics related to an annual conference theme; i.e., Mt. Adams’ physical environment, culture, history, natural hazards, and natural resources management. Conference partners have included the Forest Service, Yakama Nation, and local non-profit environmental groups. Tables are available for speakers and local non-profit environmental groups to display literature related to Mt. Adams (FOMA pre-approval required).

So far, we’ve held three highly successful conferences for the general public, both at the Trout Lake School—an appropriately fine venue at the base of the mountain.  Our first conference, with the theme, “Mount Adams in a Warming Climate, was held on Nov. 11, 2011 and attracted 180 people. For a summary and speakers’ abstracts, go here. Our second conference, on Nov. 3, 2012,  focused on  “Flora and Fauna of Mount Adams”, and 150 were in attendance  Read the 2012 speakers’ abstracts. A selection of the 2012 conference photos are shown on our gallery page.  OUR THIRD, ONE-DAY CONFERENCE WAS HELD ON MAY 3rd, 2014, AND IT WAS A BIG SUCCESS, with about 120 folks participating.   Our theme was: “Celebrating 50 years of Wilderness: A Legacy for the Future”, paying homage to the monumental National Wilderness Act of 1964. For a summary of the conference, click here. To look at the conference program, click here For speakers’ abstracts and bios, click here.  We’ve posted images of it on our gallery page.


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