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Darvel Lloyd

1942 – 2020

Darvel Ted Lloyd was born in Longview, Washington to Les and Ilse Lloyd on December 22, 1942 along with his twin brother Darryl.  Darvel passed away from a heart attack December 16, 2020.

Darvel, at the age of 3 moved with his family to Glenwood, WA, where in the shadow of Mt. Adams the Flying L Ranch was now home.

Schooling was in Glenwood until the Lloyds moved to Taipei, Taiwan. Darvel and Darryl’s father was a consulting forester and logging engineer.  A year and a half later the trip home by ship, land, and rail completed their first circle of the world. This sparked Darvel and Darryl’s love to travel and explore.

Darvel and Darryl graduated from Benson Polytechnic High School in Portland.  Darvel graduated from Oregon State with a bachelor’s degree.  Through the NROTC program Darvel received a commission in the US Navy and was awarded medals for duty in Viet Nam and an honorable discharge.  From there a Masters of Arts degree at the University of Colorado leading to the Glaciological Artic Science Institute and the Juneau ice fields project.

Between 1970 and 1977 Darvel and Darryl established and directed the Mt. Adams Institute based at the Flying L where they both lived. Through the Institute many classes and climbs were undertaken.

Later Darvel worked on a number of research projects, developed the YACC program as well as the Keystone Environmental Center in Colorado.

Darvel and Darryl began mountain climbing at the age of 10 with their father; their first conquest being Mt. Adams. This began a love for climbing, skiing, and hiking all over the world, the Swiss Alps, the Sangre de Cristos, Olympics, and Glacier Peak Wilderness.

Teaching geography at the University of Winnipeg, Manitoba, serving as a marine technician on the University of Washington’s research vessel which took him to the McMurdo Research Station at the South Pole. He toured Great Britain, New Zealand, and Antarctica.

Darvel with brother Darryl had deep passions for protecting Mt. Adams. They started Friends of Mt. Adams in 2004. Darvel assisted Darryl with creating the book Ever Wild, A Lifetime on Mount Adams.

Darvel was a ranch hand, marine technician, program director, environmental advocate, inn keeper, and volunteer.  He is survived by brother and best friend Darryl of Hood River, Oregon, his sister Christina Paul and niece Tanya Dostal of Custer, Washington.

Memorial donations may be made on behalf of Darvel to Friends of Mt. Adams.

People in Nature: Interactions on Mt Adams in a Warming Earth – The Friends of Mt Adams originally planned to present this in-person community seminar to coincide with Earth Day last April 2020.  But the best laid plans of mice and meeting planners can go astray in the time of COVID19!  The seminar was postponed with hopes of convening it this coming spring.  At this point, it seems unlikely that the pandemic will slow down fast enough to allow a large community gathering.  Therefore we organizing a Virtual Seminar to be presented in late winter or early spring 2021.  You can read more details about our plans.


Friends of Mt Adams Announces Research Grant to Cascade Carnivore Project

Friends of Mt Adams is pleased to announce that we have approved a grant of $5,520 to the Cascade Carnivore Project to support their wildlife research on and around Mt Adams. You can view the full proposal here.


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