Hike 4 – Stagman Ridge to Horseshoe Meadow

I greatly enjoyed the hike with you all yesterday!  Except for some biting flies at Horseshoe Meadow and a little heat in the late p.m., it was a delight!  I think we went about 9.5 mi., incl. diversion to Graveyard Camp and the loop at the top, gaining/losing about 1850 ft. Thank you all for your your patience–especially,Cheryl, along with your very knowledgeable input and assistance.

6. Ron, Christie, Martin, Ann, Ingrid, Kayleen, and Cheryl in Horseshoe Meadow, 8-9-14. low-res 5. Streamside flowers in Horseshoe Meadow; mid-day, 8-9-14.low-res 4. Visiting with a solo PCT hiker. low-res 3. Heading around a bluff at about 5700 ft. low-res 2. Entering a meadow at 5350 ft.elev. low-res 1. Stagman RidgeTrail in severely burned section. low-res

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