Trespass Cattle Outside the Mt. Adams Grazing Allotment

Trespass cattle grazing, which seriously impacts mountain meadows, riparian areas, and streams, were issues through the 2010 and 2011 grazing seasons. Regularly, before and during the seasons, FOMA  volunteers monitored cattle grazing to protect the meadows. Photos and map are posted on our Gallery page.  We prepared a 2011 report in addition to our 2010 report on cattle grazing that documents illegal use.

Based on the issues FOMA and others raised, in 2011 the Forest Service began an Environmental Analysis (“EA”) of the entire Mt. Adams Cattle Grazing Allotment, which they completed in late 2012.    It’s a volumnous document, but it can be downloaded at  FOMA  spent considerable time and effort reviewing and commenting on it.

At the start of the grazing season in 2012, the Forest Service did a much better job of ensuring that a better fence was put up. But the the Cascade Creek Fire did not allow us to do monitoring during the critical part of the 2012 season.

In the “Decision Notice on Mt. Adams Grazing Allotment”, Nancy Ryke, Mt. Adams District Ranger, declared there was “no significant impact” from the grazing, and she made the decision to renew the 10-year allotment lease for Neil Kayser, the cattle rancher from Goldendale. 

FOMA decided to NOT appeal the Forest Services’ EA decision During the public comment period in March 2012,  Instead, we prepared  a letter, “Trespass cows and their impacts in closed Mt. Adams” Gotchen Creek meadows”, outlining our continued concerns and expectations, which can be read in its entirety by clicking here.

FOMA will keep the pressure on the Mt. Adams Ranger District to insure that range cattle will never again trespass into our beloved meadows.  Watch for further information about the grazing issue and what you can do on future “Action Alerts”.  

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