Cascade Carnivore Project Needs Citizen Scientist Volunteers

If you are interested in what predators inhabit the Mount Adams Wilderness, check out the Cascades Carnivore Project. The Project is looking for citizen scientist volunteers to hike Mount Adams trails this summer to collect montane red fox, wolverine, coyote, and gray wolf scat for genetic DNA analysis. For more information, go to

Here are the trails:

    • Round The Mountain Trail — any section
    • Pacific Crest Trail #2000 – any section in Wilderness
    • Divide Trail to Pacific Crest Trail
    • Killen Trail to High Camp
    • South Climb Trail to Lunch Counter
    • Snipes Trail to Round The Mountain trail
    • Stagman Ridge Trail to Horseshoe Meadows
    • Shorthorn Trail to Round The Mountain trail
    • Riley Trail to Burnt Rock
    • Muddy Meadows Trail to Foggy Flat

Jocelyn Akins, from the Canid Diversity and Conservation Lab, U. of California at Davis, has just completed a 2014 progress report, “Cascades Carnivore Project Conservation and Ecology” She can send you a downloadable pdf copy by e-mailing her at

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