Donations will be used to print brochures, meet expenses for our conferences, and pay for important projects approved by the FOMA’s board.

The Friends of Mount Adams organization has federal Non-Profit 501(c)(3) charitable/educational status, so all donations are tax-deductible! Our tax ID number (EIN) is 27-0665753.

We welcome donations of any amount. Send a check in by mail (to Friends of Mount Adams, P.O. Box 1914, White Salmon, WA 98672), or by credit card by using FOMA’s secure PayPal process (below to the right).



2019: Tina Castanares, Larry Church, Rand Schenk, Claudia Castanares, David Berger, MA Leonard, Thomas S Rousseau, Michael Greenstreet, Rand Schenk, Bruce Anderson, Daniel Anderson & Joy Strand, Laurence Burt, Hugh and Linda McMahan, Kathy Keller Jones

2018: Larry Church, Tina Castanares, Michael Emrick, Kali Lightfoot, MA Leonard, Julie Odell, Stephen Schapp, Nisha Outdoor Research, Laurence Burt, Thomas S Rousseau, David Berger, Hugh and Linda McMahan, Daniel Anderson & Joy Strand, Ronald Cohen & Christie Smith, Brad Johnson, William Newman, Michael Greenstreet

2017: Tina Castanares, Kathleen & Barry Jones, Ann Littlewood, John Ligon, Daniel Anderson & Joy Strand, Keith Gunnar, Ron Cohen & Christie Smith, Lloyd & Anne Kaufman, Brad Johnson, Tina Castanares, Janice Morgan, M A Leonard.

2016: Kathleen Keller-Jones and Barry Jones, Daniel Anderson and Joy Strand, F. Nolan and Debra Jones, Keith Gunnar, Michael Mills, Leslie Labbe, Janice Morgan, David Berger, Tina Castanares, Becki and Pat Rawson, Kelly’s B&B, Tom & Sandi Rousseau, Mary Ellen Kris, Charles Moore, Marsha & Kirk Vogel, Hugh and Linda McMahan, M A Leonard, Larry Church, Mary Ellen Kris, Charles Moore, Thomas S Rousseau.

2015: Ken Maddox, M.A. Leonard, Julie Larson & David Berger, Marsha & Kirk Vogel, Todd & Krissy Biernacki, Hugh & Linda McMahan, Tom and Sandi Rousseau.  In Memory of Henry Clay (“HC”) Tupper: Marilyn Turner, Janice Morgan, Janis Beeson & Lee Norwitz, and Edward Bondurant (incl. a matching gift from his employer, Bank of America/Merrill-Lynch).

2014: Leslie Labbe, Loretta Sharpe, Mt. Adams Ranger District (U.S.Forest Service), Bill Weiler, Don & Judy Thomas, M.A. Leonard, David Berger & Julie Larson, and Julie Marr.

2013 :Linda Oram, Don Lichtenwald, Tom and Sandi Rousseau, Ken and Linda Maddox,  and Ray Moulton.




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