The Resources section provides short discussions of many aspects of Mount Adams: (1) The volcano, its glaciers, forests, mountain meadows, forest invasion of meadows; (2) the part of the mountain in Gifford Pinchot National Forest (forest management, grazing management, and Mt. Adams Wilderness); (3) Yakama Nation part of the mountain; (4) Climate Change (possible future climates, glaciers, forest ecosystem impacts, and climate change resources); (5) Recreation (climbing, trails, and winter recreation); (6) Local environmental groups, such as Gifford Pinchot Task Force and Friends of the White Salmon River; and (7) Maps of the mountain.

An excellent source of information about the mountain, especially the Mount Adams Wilderness, can be found on the Wilderness Net site:   In the Introduction paragraph of this site, click on “map” for a good shaded relief map, showing lots of detail, including roads, trails, etc.  Note that almost the entire east side of the mountain is in the Yakama Reservation, managed by the Yakama Tribe.


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