Snow Pole Removal

Friends of Mt Adams adopted the volunteer project to remove an eyesore from the Divide Camp area, an old metal snow pole built in the early 1970s, and only used for a few years. We received approval from the Forest Service for this project, and though the COVID19 outbreak slowed us down, we did get started in 2020. In two visits, we managed to cut off the top of the main pole as well as a smaller pole next to it. The cut section was dragged into the forest and it’s crossbeams were removed and carried out.

In 2021, we cut down the rest of the pole to segments of various lengths. Some sections are aluminum and some are steel, and some have multiple layers of sleeves, with a layer of aluminum inside the steel. In mid-August, Gifford Pinchot National Forest rangers visited the site and carried out the remaining pole segments. The project is now complete and the beautiful meadow within the Mt Adams Wilderness is now free of visible human disturbance.

You can see what the pole looked like while standing in the first shot below. At the bottom, segments of the pole lean against a tree next to the Divide Camp trail prior to removal. Much thanks to Paul Moyer for his visits to the area under rainy and buggy conditions to get a lot of this work done. Dean Myerson visited recently to do additional cutting.


The original pole in a blooming meadow

Paul Moyer cuts the upper section of the pole during a rainy day in 2020

Remaining pole after initial cut

Segments of the pole that were carried out by Forest Service rangers.

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